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Why I've Moved

Starting afresh on wix, with a new website and a new (almost) everything \\

Writing on wordpress for the past couple of years have been a fulfilling one - I've earned some followers (thank you, whoever you are); I've written blog posts that have somehow gotten the attention of 38,000 pairs of eyeballs. gweishi.wordpress has been a space for me to eternalise my memories/feelings and I'm very thankful to have had that space. These last 6 months have been emotionally trying for me and now that I finally feel genuinely happy and ready to move on, I thought the best way for me to do that would be to start afresh on an entirely new platform where I can tell stories not just through words but through images both moving and still, so here I am on wix.

I had initially bought a domain for the purpose of putting up my film works, but I've decided to combine that with my love for writing in one website. I'm most excited about my film page, where I showcase some of the films I've done as a producer/director/actor and film photographs I took with my Nikon F3. This camera was my uncle's, but he gave it to me during Chinese New Year this year and I've been having so much fun experimenting with it I wanted a space dedicated to display these images. I took it with me to the Philippines (#samXtheworld, #samXphilippines) over last weekend, and I must say I'm very proud of the photos that came out of it.

Having returned from the Philippines made me realise how I've been so caught up with all these negative emotions, that I've failed to truly live in the moment. Being in a city where wi-fi connection was poor, I found myself having more time to myself appreciating the little things around me - children playing outside (and not on phones), cows grazing on fields outside the window of my hotel room, wind in my hair as I ride in one of those motorbikes etc etc. It took me 6 months and a short trip away to realise I was not really happy. I think for the longest time I've tried to fill a void in my life by swamping myself with work. Under the pretext of wanting to be financially independent, I would make sure to work (more than i should) at the restaurant and I'd take up film 'jobs' despite my packed schedule. 'Jobs' because I'm not always paid for helping out at these films. And I was doing all of this while coping with my studies.

I've learnt my lesson. Just a couple of weeks ago my body broke down and that was the most miserable I've ever felt in my life. I couldn't breathe properly and I was coughing my lungs out. Suicide crossed my mind briefly when I was lying in bed during the early stages of my recovery from a physical illness. I know I've said many times I would slow down and care for my health more, but relaxing is something I don't do naturally just 'cause I've been used to working a lot and working hard and I tend to work more when I can't deal with emotions. But lately I've been diverting my energy to film photography and it proves to be a very therapeutic yet challenging creative process I love.

So this blog is really a creative output for myself to tell stories through words and images. It is now the second last week of my school semester, and I'm looking forward to share with everyone my latest adventures through a vlog - I documented my short time in Batangas. I'm excited for plans I have for this space, and so to end off on a positive note~

2018 shall be a year of adventures, of unexplored territories.

xoxo, gweishi

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