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A photo series celebrating KIRAN KAUR and nature.


; she is a flower
but also
the sun
that lets
her bloom

- Christiane Starl.


Meet my Facebook wife, Kiran Kaur. She was my pillar of strength when we were in junior college. Having been friends for 7 years, we've seen each other through good and bad. She has grown to be an immensely talented, smart, beautiful woman, and I wanted to capture her delightful spirit on camera.

Dear Kranz, you're an amazing human being and I hope you know that. A part of me is looking forward to when we are both 35 and can afford to buy a house and live together and host themed parties. Thank you for being my source of comfort and the voice of wisdom I so need meine liebchen.


Some personal late-night things: I've discovered a passion for photography, especially portraits, and it's been such a thrill experimenting with light and shadows and colours. I also think it's so special/intriguing the relationship between the photographer and the person being photographed I'm excited for the next opportunity to shoot someone. On another note, my part-time job at the restaurant has been going well and school is started in a couple of days. Exciting exciting!

xoxo, gweishi


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