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Filmmaker by day, Waitress by night

Now that I have finished my producing things for the day, I can finally work on updating my blog before heading to the sister's 21st birthday party, then to the restaurant to work. Writing has become something of a therapy for me. Last I wrote I mentioned something about an interview - & I got the job!!! I have already started working at the Korean fried chicken restaurant last weekend, & I am having loads of fun, to my surprise. It can get busy - I've already experienced pukes & drunk people, & the apron is cramping my style a little bit, but the work environment is lovely. & I've come to realise I do enjoy serving people.

So I basically work on my film things in the day then work at the restaurant at night. By night, I really mean I work from 7pm until 2/3am so I really only get home at about 5am, then I would be out of the house by 9am & off to do producing things. If I have time, I sneak in a little nap before I head to the restaurant. Some friends/family have expressed concerns about my health because I obviously have not been getting enough rest, but please be assured that I will take care of my body & get enough rest once this Sunday's production is over. This weekend is probably the craziest it can get since call time is 7am tomorrow & I'm working the night shift so I'll be running purely on coffee & enthusiasm for the next 24 hours or so. (Also, if anybody has lobang for paid jobs as production assistants I'd love to come on board to gain experience!)

"Why work so hard?" I found myself having to answer this question a lot - not just to people but also to myself. To be completely honest, at the beginning I wanted to find more work as a way to keep myself occupied & distract me from the loneliness/emptiness/sadness/confusion I was feeling. That said, I read an article that a friend had shared on Facebook & it changed my life. Not super dramatically, but it helped me get a better outlook of life & it helped me heal. So now, I can say for sure that I am working hard because I want to, because I want to make money & be financially independent, while still making films because I see hope that the film industry in Singapore has the potential to be better.

The article was originally written in Mandarin, & I've decided to translate it here for a dear friend of mine who has been feeling what I felt two weeks ago (@babe this one is for you <3), & for anyone out there who needs some sort of direction in life, or anyone facing a quarter-life crisis. Also because the translation feature on Google Chrome sucks.

the original title: reality quotes for 20's how (I feel) it should have been written: 10 realest things every 20-somethings should know

📷: #zupanssiphotography ; & here is a completely unrelated picture because every listicle must have at least one random instagram-worthy photograph

Ok, on a serious note, here goes the article (+ some personal inputs):

I turn 22 in almost exactly a month. Though I have yet to graduate from college, taking a leave of absence from school is equivalent to putting myself into the working world, & taking on everything that comes with it - being independent & being responsible for myself. I think part of growing up is to realise we are all accountable for our own lives, & that we dictate our own futures.

人生没有如果,只有后果和结果。 如果你不会玩生活,生活就把你玩了。

An English translation does not do justice to the above phrase from the article, but here is a loose translation: There are no 'ifs' in life, only consequences & results. If you can't play with the cards life deals you, then life will play you. Here are 10 things every 20-something should know:

1. It doesn't matter whether you're single, or happily in love. If you have someone to be with, then love with all your heart. If you're alone, then take good care of yourself. - when I read this, I realised I needed to take better care of myself. Alot of us don't love ourselves enough, & if we can't love ourselves, how can we love/care for others?

2. Your time as a 20-something should be used to gain independence (esp. financially), not to rid yourself of loneliness. Devote more time to your studies/work, so you are constantly improving & trying to be better versions of yourself, instead of finding yourself in someone else.

3. Focus less on wanting to find love, & more on making friends. You'll come to realise friendships withstand the test of time more so than relationships.

4. Learn to be truthful to yourself, & to be responsible for your feelings. If you like someone, then go for it; if not, then don't lead them on.

5. It's ok to care about how you look. It's not being superficial. Look good, feel good aye?

6. Learn to save money for the future - not just for rainy days. If you're still able to live comfortably after not generating an income for three consecutive months, it's a good start.

7. Making friends should be a genuine connection & not a forced interaction. Be real. If you guys can't click then don't force it la, nothing good will come out of it.

8. Learn to be alone, & enjoy being alone.

9. If you're not able to sort out your present priorities & enjoy life now, then put a temporary halt to chasing bigger dreams & learn to live in the moment.

10. Don't fall into the jadedness that is so prevalent in our society. Us 20-somethings should live like 20-somethings. We're too young to be jaded. We should face life with enthusiasm, positive energy, & to keep chasing dreams. Hope is the strongest source of motivation, & we need to have hope. I've met so many young people who are so jaded already & we've still got more than half our lives to live.

What's life without love, without some pain, without laughter? & so this was how I got my life together & I am now enjoying myself working. Ok, my Chinese-to-English translation may not be the best, but I tried, & I sincerely hope it encourages some people out there. I'm excited for what's to come in the next 24 hours, & I'm positive tomorrow's shoot will go well!!!!!!!!

Signing off with happy vibes: Tomorrow will definitely be a better day. (-:

xoxo, Weishi.

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